Train in Barcelona

Destination Barcelona: Español & Fútbol is a comprehensive soccer, language and cultural immersion program  that takes place directly in Barcelona.

Recognizing the ever increasing demands of today’s global world, this program will provide each player the opportunity to fast-track the development of technical and tactical skills. This is accomplished by receiving comprehensive training on the most successful soccer methodology of the last decade, using a series of progressive drills appropriate for each player’s stage and level of experience.

In addition, students will also learn Spanish -the second most important language in the world- directly in world-class institutes that specialize in teaching Spanish as a second language to students from all areas of the globe, using fast-learning methodologies and instructors with international certifications.

Finally, through shared cultural experiences under the supervision of qualified tour guides, students will be able to cultivate friendships and accumulate unforgettable and priceless experiences.


Dates: SpringBreak, 2020



Are you ready to train with the best? GSEN campers will train with former FC Barcelona players in the morning. In the afternoons, students will join local youth players in training sessions at the official RCD Espanyol youth academy.


During the morning, students will participate in a private clinic where they will receive 90 minutes of soccer instruction from former FC Barcelona coaches and current UEFA Pro coaches, where they will focus on technical and tactical skills development following FCB’s methodology and philosophy, based on ball possession, rotation and smart decision-making. Students will train directly across from the Camp Nou!


“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

-Frank Smith


Recognizing the importance of developing skills both on and off the field of play, GSEN campers will receive 60 minutes Spanish language instruction each day.

These classes are based on level A-1 of the DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) program of the Cervantes Institute. Sessions are very dynamic and focus on different areas of learning, including grammar, reading and listening skills, conversation and practice exercises.

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Class content will focus on developing soccer-related vocabulary, terminology and knowledge. In addition, students will learn the basis of conversational, “everyday” Spanish, to enable social interactions with their peers. The classes will take place directly at the hotel, for added convenience and comfort.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel have read only one page.”

-St. Augustine

Players and their families will have the opportunity to experience everything Barcelona and surrounding communities have to offer.

​Last, but certainly not least, GSEN players will have the chance to attend the highly-anticipated final match of La Liga 2018-19 season: the Catalonian Derby clash of FC Barcelona vs. RCD Espanyol, which will take place at Camp Nou!! A true, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!