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DESTINATION: BARCELONA camps feature UEFA Pro coaches from FC Barcelona, who provide elite, high-level soccer instruction, as well as individualized written and video feedback. Don’t miss your chance to learn the most successful soccer methodology of the last decades!

2019 GSEN DB Camp

August 5-9, 2019

Fuad Mansour Sports Complex



Early Bird Price: $215 (through Memorial Day 2019)​

List Price: $265

 Registration ends Wednesday, July 31st at 11:59PM. Limited spots available.


GSEN Camps instruction follows the FC Barcelona methodology, which is based in ball possession, ball rotation and quick offensive/defensive transitions. A variety of reduced-space and/or reduced-size drills and games such as rondos, association games, 1vmany/manyv1, zoned drills, among others, are used to transmit these fundamental pillars in a fun and engaging way. In addition, FCB believes in integral teaching, so players will also receive instruction on the values of a soccer player in addition to technical and tactical instruction – things like team-play, respect, concentration, perseverance and passion, among others.

The coaches are former FC Barcelona members and current FCB youth coaches, coming directly from Barcelona. Most also have UEFA Pro licenses, which is the highest level of licensing in Europe, allowing them to coach professional teams anywhere in the world. Most of these coaches travel throughout the world under official FCB Escola programs. Others also provide instruction in Barcelona, in youth, semi-pro and professional settings.

The younger group  coaches will focus more keenly on structured team play, effective utilization of the pitch, smart passing and values, which are core areas of development for this age bracket (U9-U12).

The older group (U13-U18), in turn, will follow a more competitive format with attacking and defensive drills, beat-your-man scenarios, dynamic passing exercises and more frequent half and full field matches


In collaboration with former FC Barcelona players, GSEN promotes soccer education and the development of diverse personal capabilities through local, community-based soccer camps and tournaments.

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